Welcome to Envy Hair & Beauty Fair Oak  


Envy Hair & Beauty first opened the doors of a traditional yet modern salon in 2005. Now firmly on the map as one of Hampshire’s leading salons, Carey Costigan and her team of professionals are moving forward with pace and the salon clientele grows by the day. 


Carey’s personal determination has driven her forward throughout her career, which she herself describes as a journey towards excellence. She believes strongly in motivating and encouraging her team, realising that success within the salon is a direct result of quality training and management.


Envy Hair & Beauty represents ambition. The salon offers the highest standards of service and customer care, with a staff of 8 highly trained professionals.


The secret of the success of Envy Hair & Beauty is the drive and ambition to be at the top of our profession and the understanding that talent, hard work and determination achieve this. We surround ourselves with hard working, ambitious people who share our drive for success. The company is built around this strong team.


"Many years of experience have taught us that in order to succeed, a salon must care about: quality, its clients requirements and its own standard of excellence."

 “Always remember that us as a business only look good if you do.”